Aromatherapy at Home

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You have likely wondered if aromatherapy oils could be brought home to your wellness center or spa. If you are able to locate the best oils, aromatherapy can be done at home. You can infuse your home and spa with the most beneficial aromas by using the right oils. Essential oils are the best way to achieve true aromatherapy.

Essential oils are extracted from natural products, usually flowers and plants, that emit the same scent as the oil. The combination of natural oil with scent has healing and therapeutic properties. Although many products are labeled “aromatherapy”, they do not contain essential oils. This is misleading. These products are not therapeutic. Finding a reliable source of essential oils is the key to aromatherapy at home. Organic oils are best because they don’t contain any chemicals or toxic substances that could affect the product’s effects. Aromatherapy can be done at home. However, it is not as easy as buying essential oils and applying them to your skin. You should be careful with these highly concentrated substances as they can cause severe skin damage and burns.

To dilute the oil’s power, they must be mixed with a carrier. Depending on what you use the product for, carriers can be oils, soaps or bath products. To find the best carrier for your particular use, you will need to try different ones. Blending essential oils with carriers is the first step. Next, make sure to properly store the final product. Two reasons oil-based products should be kept in dark glass containers are two. The oils are delicate and could lose their healing properties if they are exposed to too much light. Because essential oils can be very acidic, they should be kept in glass containers.

If you’re making soap or shampoo, however, heavy plastic bottles are best. You can store hard soaps in a zip-top plastic bag. After you have placed the product in the correct container, keep it in a cool area that is not exposed to too much sunlight. Although organic essential oils can have incredible health benefits, they can also be fatal. Essential oils are not safe to use on children. Some oils may increase blood pressure and pose dangers to pregnant or nursing women. Even if you are not in a particularly good health condition, it is important to read product profiles before you use any product. It will be easier to know what to do if you have a reaction. However, allergic reactions can occur to essential oils so it is important to take precautions the first time you use them.

Do a skin test if you have concerns about an allergic reaction. Rub a little of the essential oil into a tablespoonful of olive oil. You should not use the oil if you experience any redness, bumps or swelling within 24 hours. You can use the oil safely and still benefit from its therapeutic properties.

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