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FUNGOXIL FORTE Gel, от производител, собственик на марката, с оригинална рецепта от Швейцария



    Директна продажба от производителя: 

    The Original Brand FUNGOXIL

    Гел 200 мл за мъже и жени

    Собственик на марката:

    IncHealth GmbH, Швейцария, ЕС

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    200 мл


    Petrolatum, Brassica Campestris Seed Oil



    10 отзива за FUNGOXIL FORTE

    1. Teresa -

      This cream finally eliminated the fungus on my feet, I had been struggling with it for months and trying all kinds of patches and creams. Nothing worked until I tried Fungoxil as my last attempt, because I read good reviews of this product. And yes, they were right, it works as promised.

    2. Lane -

      I bought this because I was a bit desperate and noticed that everything I had tried so far was not working for me. While searching the net for something that would help my situation, I stumbled upon an article that mentions it as a cure for itchy athlete’s foot or jock itch. I can now say that it works 100%. No more fungus, no more athlete’s foot!

    3. Brenda -

      I haven’t followed the full recommended regimen for this yet, but so far it seems to be working and it’s here sooner than expected and for a good price. Can’t complain here!

    4. Lenis -

      I loved that it does just what it says on the label…. It really works! Use it as directed and you will be pleased with the results! The summer heat gets me every year and this is the first product that promoted healing.

    5. Egle -

      I have had a recurring fungal skin rash for about 2 years (appears on upper arms and torso). I looked on the internet for some over-the-counter stuff. these things work! I started using it on Saturday and now it’s Wednesday and the rash is almost gone. That’s with just one application a day.

    6. Milva -

      My boyfriend has always had athletes feet since I’ve known him. He’s tried so many products and no luck. My brother recommended me this and so glad I got it. My boyfriend’s feet have completely healed and his athletes feet never came back. We did had to buy multiple tubes due to the affected area was all over his bottom foot so the tube wouldn’t last. But worth it. I highly recommend this!

    7. Kasim -

      This foot cream works great. I even use it on hard spots on other parts of my body and it has cleared up my problem

    8. Aarom -

      Fungoxil is excellent. the fungus on my feet disappeared but you have to be constant and put it every day is important. thank you for such a good product.

    9. Celia -

      Fungoxil is a very good cream, excellent for athlete’s foot.

    10. Vicky -

      First thing that has worked for me in years for chronic athletes foot symptoms.

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