How to lose weight this summer?

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Summer can be associated with small abuses and temptations. Ice creams, aperitifs, barbecues with friends and vacations are just a few of the many things that can lead to weight gain in summer. Good news! You don’t have to give up on summer. Follow our tips and tricks for weight loss in summer and you will be at the top with your well-being.

You can lose weight in the summer by following and establishing good habits. Maybe you wonder if summer require a diet…

It all depends on what your circumstances are (initial and target weights, eating habits, active lifestyle, or …).). It is important to remember that it is not a diet that must be followed, but rather a lifestyle.

The big secret to lose weight in summer is to move more! There are plenty of options for summer and vacation activities. There are plenty of activities that you can do, regardless of your fitness level. It is important to keep active and get oxygen through a sport you enjoy.

Summer weight loss can be achieved by engaging in a sport, such as at the beach. But also by getting fruits and vegetables when they are in season.

Summer is the time to say good-bye to rich foods! The temptations can be overwhelming and lead to slippage. For example, ice cream and chips for a barbecue or picnic. …, summer offers the chance to enjoy seasonal vegetables that are high in water, fiber, vitamins, and low in calories. Fruits are also good, but they can be a little more caloric.

You can cook them raw, in salads or lightly grilled. These foods combine freshness, hydration, pleasure and few calories. If you are prone to snacking in between meals, enjoy some fruit but choose water-rich fruits.

Fruits and vegetables that are in season can be healthy for weight loss. But, avoid the temptations of “empty” calories, these hidden calories are those that don’t provide essential nutrients. They are also known as hidden sugars or fats.

When having an aperitif, be mindful of alcohol, sodas and fruit juices. Aperitifs with nuts and dried fruits like almonds are healthier. Enjoy delicious, healthy aperitifs at home with your friends. Also see our article on barbecues!

Also hydrate well! It’s a fact that hydration is an essential part of weight loss. This is even more true in summer. Due to the heat and increased outdoor activity, it is important that we drink lots of water.

Beware of empty calories and sodas. We have seen the dangers of fruit juices high in sugar and alcohol. Instead, drink water, sparkling or flavored, iced tea, or smoothies.

Drink more water when it’s hot than in the rest of the year. If you feel thirsty, it is likely that you have already begun to dehydrate. Listen to your body and drink enough water!

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