FYRON G1 Curcumin

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FYRON G1 CURCUMIN 100ml, from producer, brand owner with original recipe from Switzerland

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    Producer Direct Sale: 

    The Original Brand FYRON

    100 ml Liquid, Bundle with 2x 50 ml G1 CURCUMIN

    Brand owner:

    IncHealth GmbH, Switzerland, EU, UK, CH

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    2 x 50 ml = 100 ml






    Plants can supplement and, if necessary, support the medically prescribed therapy. Of course, any additional intake of medications – and also of these herbal substances – should be discussed with the attending physician.

    6 recenzija za FYRON G1 Curcumin

    1. Anne

      Based on the reviews, I bought this for my pain and inflammation due to gout. I am glad I did. I was shocked. I went to see the Doctor and told him I was taking this and he said it was the best I could take and to keep doing what I was doing. I have been taking 4 pills a day and will start cutting back to see how I feel. The inflammation and pain is getting less and less. I highly recommend this product. I will not stop taking it. Side note: I also have more energy and sleep better. get some!!!!!

    2. Christin

      They are magic drops for me. I really have been looking for a long time for something to relieve the pain of gout in various parts of my body. I am impressed with the effect of these drops!

    3. Bertha

      I give it 5 stars because it doesn’t use any chemicals or colorants. I am always in favor of all natural! This assures me that it will not cause any side effects.

    4. Kai

      5 stars because it is completely natural, without any chemicals or colorants. You can hardly find that anymore. That’s the most important thing for me, that it’s completely natural.

    5. Elias

      I would have never imagined that these Curcumin drops would help me to eliminate the acidity I had. For a long time I couldn’t eat certain foods because of this heartburn but my stomach is very grateful to these incredible drops! I can eat anything without fear of feeling sick.

    6. Willy

      I injured my knee this summer, and after a couple of months I was still limping quite a bit. I started taking these FYRON G1 Curcumin drops twice a day and within three days the swelling had gone down. I now take one a day as a prophylactic dose, and it seems to help me cope better with the slings and arrows from bumps and other misfortunes of life…..

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