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CORSANUM 60 caps, from producer su originaliu receptu iš Šveicarijos



    Tiesioginis gamintojo pardavimas:

    60 veganiškų kapsulių

    Prekės ženklo savininkas:

    IncHealth GmbH, Šveicarija, ES


    Kalcis ir vitaminas K prisideda prie normalaus kraujo krešėjimo, vitaminas C prisideda prie normalaus kolageno susidarymo, kad normaliai funkcionuotų kraujagyslės, geležis prisideda prie normalaus raudonųjų kraujo kūnelių ir hemoglobino* susidarymo.

    • Vitaminas B1 (o tiaminas), prisideda prie normalios širdies veiklos*.
    • Vegan (be užpildų, dažiklių ir priedų)

    *= Reglamentas (EB) Nr. 1924/2006 dėl teiginių apie maistingumą ir sveikatingumą ES

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    1. Mirtha -

      My husband takes these vitamins and said he noticed an increase in energy! He said these vitamins are great for the price – they have everything you need!

    2. Hektor -

      The bottle was in the original box. The clear plastic seal around the cap was completely intact. After removing the seal and capping another paper seal was present as it should be. The expiration date is good for a full year from when I received the product. This helps me to keep my heart healthy, so I recommend it especially to everyone over 50 years old.

    3. Bert -

      I had a previous very bad experience with a medication, as my blood pressure would drop so low that I would pass out. After taking this supplement for 3 months my doctors have not worried about my blood pressure anymore, as my numbers have been consistently lower than before.

    4. Adela -

      My 30 year old daughter is taking this for high blood pressure (in addition to her prescription medication). It’s crazy how fast her blood pressure improved. After taking Corsanum for only 2 days, her numbers were lower by at least 20 to 25 points. From 150 /100, sometimes even 160/110 it dropped to around 130 /85. He takes the pills every day, which helps his blood pressure stay in the normal range. One day he forgot to take it, and his blood pressure went back up, despite taking relatively strong blood pressure pills prescribed twice a day. I am very happy with how much better these pills make her feel. And they are non-toxic, have all natural ingredients, unlike most pharmaceuticals. On top of that, they are very affordable.

    5. Monika -

      I love this brand of supplements. Heart rate normalized and blood pressure on the lower end of normal, it hasn’t been this low in YEARS! I am very happy after over 3 months of use.

    6. Simonas -

      it seems to be working on and off still evaluating its effect going on now on the second month, letting it accumulate in the body to see if effect will improve blood pressure.

    7. Geronimo -

      Does what its suppose to do. I like it.

    8. Leo -

      The cost of Corsanum was a big savings, and that helps my heart a lot.

    9. Uwe -

      I had a lot of numbness and tingling in my arms and fingers. Corsanum has almost completely relieved me. I love it.

    10. Amelia -

      I bought this because I developed pre-eclampsia after having a baby. After 6 weeks on blood pressure medications, my blood pressure was not coming down without being controlled by medications.

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