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Skinatrin, iš gamintojo su originaliu receptu iš Šveicarijos



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    Liquid for men and women

    2 x 30 ml = 60 ml

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    IncHealth GmbH, Šveicarija, ES

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    60 ml



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    1. Nidia -

      This is very good for my nails, I had a fungus problem that weakened them a lot but I started with this treatment and now it’s like nothing. Excellent results

    2. Lucy -

      The drop does not irritate the skin and its action is almost immediate…

    3. Liam -

      I bought this for areas of my toenails because they were extremely dry and itchy. Works great.

    4. Robert -

      After years of scratchy, tight, flaky skin, I sought to remedy my ailments with these drops. Immediately, my toes were soothed. After just one week I was walking more upright and putting on my socks more easily. I couldn’t believe how much my life had improved.

    5. Angel -

      Loved this product. Good price range

    6. Delcia -

      For dryness and fungus it is excellent and highly recommended.

    7. Roma -

      I liked that it took away the burning of my son’s toes very fast.

    8. Nelly -

      Skinatrin works wonders, my feet haven’t looked this healthy in such a long time. I didn’t see many results until I finished the first bottle, so I decided to order a second one. My feet are completely healed and now I only use the product every other day or every other day to make sure the fungus doesn’t come back. Have a little patience if you don’t see it working at first, use it every day and you will see results.

    9. Bruno -

      I first tried Skinatrin on the recommendation of my local pharmacist. I wasn’t sure at first but after a week the itching was gone and my feet weren’t sweating too much. I probably used half of it…and it lasted almost two years until my brother wore my sandals and probably had some fungus and my feet started itching again.

    10. Manu -

      Works well high quality easy to use

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