FYRON G1 Curcumin + G2 Boswellia

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FYRON G1 CURCUMIN + G2 BOSWELLIA, 100ml, from producer, brand owner with original recipe from Switzerland

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    The Original Brand FYRON G1 + G2

    100 ml Liquid, Bundle with 50 ml G1 CURCUMIN + 50 ml G2 BOSWELIA

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    IncHealth GmbH, Switzerland, EU, UK, CH

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    2 x 50 ml = 100 ml


    Curcumin, Boswelia




    Plants can supplement and, if necessary, support the medically prescribed therapy. Of course, any additional intake of medications – and also of these herbal substances – should be discussed with the attending physician.

    12 reviews for FYRON G1 Curcumin + G2 Boswellia

    1. Jacob

      I love this supplement! It helps me fight gout and the pain in my feet has decreased a lot, which I thought would never happen.

    2. Will

      I will try this to see if it helps my gout pains, a friend recommended it to me.

    3. Benni

      I will not tire of trying supplements to find something that will relieve my gout pains. Now I will give this a try, I liked that my order arrived on time and without any damage.

    4. George

      I have already placed my order on this official website. I hope for good results

    5. Keyla

      After so many years I find this product that relieves my gout pains, I am so delighted with it that I am a loyal customer of this brand.

    6. Andru

      Powerful drops against gout pain. A friend recommended it to me and I was very skeptical at first but I have been using it for 6 months now and I am very pleased with the results.

    7. Priscilla Ohio

      I am a fan of all things natural! Needless to say that curcuma has so many health benefits. That’s why I love this product! I am a loyal customer!

    8. Anne

      These drops have helped me so much with the gout pains I have in my hands! I can finally sleep through the night again without pain, that’s a miracle! The curcumin acts immediately against the pain, it is an excellent home remedy for gout! Thank you for this excellent product!

    9. Stefan

      I did a lot of research on Boswellia and since it has anti-inflammatory effects it did me a lot of good with my arthritis. It has relieved a lot of pain in my legs. Curcumin is also a natural pain reliever, so these two combinations are perfect for fighting arthritis pain.
      I have been using these all natural drops for 4 months now and they are miraculous for me.

    10. Tim

      these are miracle drops that have helped me against gout in my hand. I suffered for 3 years without being able to sleep due to the intense pain until a friend recommended these natural drops, as I had already tried everything, I had nothing to lose. Now I admire curcumin and boswellia so much because they have helped me to regain my life without pain.

    11. Neila

      I was skeptical about FYRON G1 CURCUMIN + FYRON G2 BOSWELLIA, but I encouraged my mother to take turmeric and boswellia for her fibromyalgia when she was having a painful attack. When she told me it worked, I started taking it for various aches and pains she was having and was surprised at how well it worked. After researching online and reading everything I could, I decided to try it since it is supposed to have the highest concentrate of what works. I am very happy with it and plan to order more. I have arthritis, carpal tunnel and tendonitis in one of my hands, so it hurts most of the time. The same hand had a hard lump on the outside top of the hand that never stopped hurting for 2 years.

      I also seem to have a lot of general stiffness and soreness in my body, the purchase leaves me sore for a couple of days. When I get out of the chair (or out of bed), I limp like I am 20 years older than I am. If I take these drops daily, I have no problem. Every once in a while, I forget to take it for a week or so, and then I have to think about why I am so stiff and sore again.

      My mother’s cousin (who is in her 70s) injured her knee and was also diagnosed with arthritis. She could barely get around, driving, shopping, running errands or cooking hurt so bad she couldn’t get out of her chair and was in pain for a couple of days. I bought and mailed him a bottle of FYRON G1 CURCUMIN + FYRON G2 BOSWELLIA, and told him how to use it. The recovery has been miraculous. He calls me regularly to tell me that he loves me for sending it to him because he has his life back. He says that even though his knee hurts when he gets home, all he has to do is rest for a couple of hours and he’s fine.

      I really think it’s made a miraculous difference!

    12. Greg

      As a 74 year old who runs 50 miles a week, my knees are important to me. I tried a similar product that cost 3 times as much and could not say for sure that it helped me. I will continue to use the IncHealth product as it contains Boswellia and Curcumin, which I have not been able to get elsewhere so far. I just reordered 3 more.

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