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Instructions for use

15 drops of FYRON G1 on a spoon and then passed into the mouth. The liquid is salivated in the mouth for as long as possible. This sublingual intake allows the ingredients to enter the bloodstream more quickly via the thin oral mucosa. When simply swallowed (the classic oral intake), the ingredient must first pass through the liver to enter the large circulatory system.

No flavors, colors or alcohol have been added.

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2 x 50 ml = 100 ml






Plants can supplement and, if necessary, support the medically prescribed therapy. Of course, any additional intake of medications – and also of these herbal substances – should be discussed with the attending physician.

2 reviews for FYRON G1 CURCUMIN

  1. Anne

    Based on the reviews, I bought this for my pain and inflammation due to gout. I am glad I did. I was shocked. I went to see the Doctor and told him I was taking this and he said it was the best I could take and to keep doing what I was doing. I have been taking 4 pills a day and will start cutting back to see how I feel. The inflammation and pain is getting less and less. I highly recommend this product. I will not stop taking it. Side note: I also have more energy and sleep better. get some!!!!!

  2. Christin

    They are magic drops for me. I really have been looking for a long time for something to relieve the pain of gout in various parts of my body. I am impressed with the effect of these drops!

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