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Skinatrin, do produtor com receita original da Suíça

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    Liquid for men and women

    2 x 30 ml = 60 ml

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    IncHealth GmbH, Suíça, UE

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    60 ml





    10 avaliações de SKINATRIN FORTE 60ml

    1. Nidia

      This is very good for my nails, I had a fungus problem that weakened them a lot but I started with this treatment and now it’s like nothing. Excellent results

    2. Lucy

      The drop does not irritate the skin and its action is almost immediate…

    3. Liam

      I bought this for areas of my toenails because they were extremely dry and itchy. Works great.

    4. Robert

      After years of scratchy, tight, flaky skin, I sought to remedy my ailments with these drops. Immediately, my toes were soothed. After just one week I was walking more upright and putting on my socks more easily. I couldn’t believe how much my life had improved.

    5. Angel

      Loved this product. Good price range

    6. Delcia

      For dryness and fungus it is excellent and highly recommended.

    7. Roma

      I liked that it took away the burning of my son’s toes very fast.

    8. Nelly

      Skinatrin works wonders, my feet haven’t looked this healthy in such a long time. I didn’t see many results until I finished the first bottle, so I decided to order a second one. My feet are completely healed and now I only use the product every other day or every other day to make sure the fungus doesn’t come back. Have a little patience if you don’t see it working at first, use it every day and you will see results.

    9. Bruno

      I first tried Skinatrin on the recommendation of my local pharmacist. I wasn’t sure at first but after a week the itching was gone and my feet weren’t sweating too much. I probably used half of it…and it lasted almost two years until my brother wore my sandals and probably had some fungus and my feet started itching again.

    10. Manu

      Works well high quality easy to use

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