Summer is there… How to lose weight with the rigth diet?!?

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In a notebook, write down all the food you eat. One of our slimming programmes is recommended. Take a list with you when shopping, and only buy what’s on it. You can use sprays to reduce the oil content and avoid frying. Instead, you can use the oven and grill.

One portion of meat, fish, and two portions each of vegetables should be included on every plate. There should also be little starchy food (rice, pastas, potatoes, etc.). Bread. You can choose from a few fruits, but only the most sweet. Raw vegetable salads should be avoided. They can become a calorie bomb if they are too seasoned or garnished. Let’s face facts, a tomato and mozzarella salad isn’t light.

To make sure your weight loss is steady, weigh yourself at least twice per week. Supplements can be used.

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We tend to eat a lot of raw vegetables and salads in order to maintain our figures. Raw food can be more difficult to digest, and can make us feel bloated. Not great for the beach! We prefer cooked, grilled and blanched vegetables. Raw and cooked are the best rhythms.


It is not a good idea to skip fat in order to be slim. What is the reason for this? Fat is essential for our bodies to function properly. Put some olive oil, sesame oil, or rapeseed oil on your plate every day. Add a little butter and you’re set.


Grilled meats are the summer’s flavor. Problem is, merguez sausages or pork ribs can make the counter explode. We decided to take advantage of the opportunity without feeling depressed by it and grill some new items: spider beef, chicken crapaudine, chicken crapaudine, chicken crumbine, spider meat (an extremely lean piece), grilled vegetables, eggplant, zucchini, peppers celery, mussels, sardines…


Summer is the best time to drink water. 2 liters per person daily is recommended, especially between meals, so that you don’t overdo it with your food. Green tea, freshly squeezed juice or water flavored with mint and lemon are all good options.


Vacations are filled with aperitifs and cocktails, as well as nibbling. These are all delicious, but can also be dangerous. You should eat before you have your aperitif (an eggs, a tomato), then alternate cocktails with water. If you get too carried away, stop drinking for a few days.


Vegetables and fruits: to reap the full benefits of fruits and vegetables, eat them in season, and without pesticides.

Vegetable and animal proteins Here are some foods that provide a balanced protein intake without too much fat: chicken, shrimp, lentils and quinoa.

Fats: Good fat can be eaten, not all fat. You should choose quality fats that are good to your heart and skin, such as salmon, avocados, almonds, extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oils, etc.

Some meal are to avoid. For example, the tomato and mozzarella salad is very heavy.


Divide your plate in the following manner: 1/2 vegetable, 1/4 starchy or leguminous foods + (optional), 1/4 meat, or fish.


All day, in all situations, remember to drink water, tea, and fresh fruit juice …. This will allow your body to function normally without feeling tired.

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