How can beat the Winter Blues

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The winter months can be difficult, if you’re anything like most people.

You may feel depressed, tired, or sad when there is less light. It might be more difficult to get out of bed in the morning, it may make it harder for you to enjoy the things you do and you feel less productive at work. It is called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and millions of Americans suffer from it every winter.

It is not usually severe, but mild cases can be quite unpleasant. It can cause serious health problems such as weight loss, insomnia, fatigue, and even suicidal thinking in the worst cases. In recent years, seasonal affective disorder was recognized as a valid medical condition. If you understand what is happening, it can be easily corrected. Since years, I have been treating winter blues patients. These treatments are safe, effective, and natural. These treatments are also affordable and simple to perform. Doctors are more likely to prescribe antidepressants for the treatment of winter blues. While this may be necessary in the most extreme cases, it is not recommended for everyone.

SAD can be triggered by two things. The first is lack of sunlight exposure. The body reacts to sunlight in many ways. Your body uses the sun to determine your natural sleep cycle. The sun also has an effect on hormone production. It’s easy to feel tired, slow, and unmotivated if you don’t get enough sunlight.

The first step to combating SAD, is to be more active outdoors in the sun. Patients suffering from SAD often complain that it is dark outside when they commute to work each morning and the sun is setting when they return home at night. Patients with SAD have limited opportunities to get outside in the sunshine. Installing full-spectrum lighting in your home or workplace can help you get more sunlight exposure. These bulbs can provide light that is similar to sunlight, and can improve your mood. Vitamin D deficiency is the second component of SAD. In winter, the sun isn’t intense enough to stimulate vitamin D synthesis. Vitamin D is essential for every cell in your body. Vitamin D supplements are recommended for those suffering from SAD in winter months.

One study showed that vitamin D3 supplementation daily during winter months can significantly improve mood and quality of sleep.

Another study also found that just light exposure was not sufficient to alleviate symptoms of SAD

These are two important steps.

I recommend you also take part in a group exercise class like yoga or dance.

It will get you moving which can increase endorphin production and also help you get into a social environment. Depression symptoms can be relieved by support groups.

Millions of people suffer from seasonal affective disorder, which disrupts winter months. Understanding the root cause of seasonal affective disorder and countering it using light, vitamin D and other activities can bring back the joy in winter.

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