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SLIMMESTAR 60 caps, from producer met origineel recept uit Zwitserland

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    Producent directe verkoop:

    60 veganistische capsules: Glucomannan, Cacao, Vitamine B1 & B6

    Merk eigenaar:

    IncHealth GmbH, Zwitserland, EU


    Vitamine B1 draagt bij tot een normaal energieleverend metabolisme, Vitamine B6 draagt bij tot de normale werking van het immuunsysteem *.

    • Glucomannan draagt bij tot gewichtsverlies als onderdeel van een caloriearm dieet *
    • Veganistisch (zonder vulstoffen, zonder kleurstoffen of additieven)

    *= Verordening (EG) nr. 1924/2006 inzake voedings- en gezondheidsclaims in de EU

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    Cacao, Glucomannaan (konjacwortel), Vegan plantaardige capsule capsule omhulsel, Vitamine B1, Vitamine B6



    11 beoordelingen voor SLIMMESTAR

    1. Anny -

      I have been using products from this brand for several months now and each time I am pleasantly surprised, both in their range of vitamins and in weight loss, the results are exceptional every time!

    2. Marie -

      It is not possible that I have had to struggle with this fat and cellulite all my life. I didn’t like myself and men didn’t like me either, a friend told me to take Slimmestar and I have to say that in one month I have already lost 10 kg. I am very happy and I finally feel beautiful. I have to say that with all the self-esteem I find I can also attract a lot of men. I definitely recommend this product to everyone who is at war with being overweight. Now the solution exists and it’s called Slimmestar. Buy it now and you will also see for yourself.

    3. Ever -

      I bought this product based on the recommendation of my sister. I would also like to say that the delivery was very fast and the can came very well packed.

    4. Lea -

      The product seems to reduce weight drastically! I have been taking it 2 times a day, once with breakfast, once with lunch and I have noticed that I have lost over 5 pounds.

    5. Sabrina -

      It hasn’t taken me that long to give a full review of the product, but I can say that in the last week of taking it, it has really reduced my appetite and given me a little boost of energy. I only take one a day because I’m new to this. So far I have not experienced any unpleasant side effects.

    6. Zully -

      I am super happy because I have already lost some weight and in a natural way. I have lost the first 2 weeks almost 2 kg but the following 4 weeks almost 6 kg with a little exercise. 100% purchase recommendation!

    7. Leandro -

      I lost about 10 pounds just by using them steadily for two months and doing nothing else.

    8. Cata -

      Take tablets in the morning and digestion works again. I love that it is a verified purchase. I feel healthier and more active than before. Package was delivered quickly!

    9. Santi -

      I have already lost many kilos in 3 months, so now I can fit into my old clothes. I am now also doing some exercise and I am convinced that the results will improve. Now with a lot of weight I can recommend Slimmestar

    10. Neyda -

      I love Slimmestar. I stopped consuming energy drinks and have lost over 50 lbs. I didn’t binge after my peak either. No shaking.

    11. Lucca -

      Slimmestar is my dream product. All its ingredients are natural and do not cause me stomach ache. Plus point is also that 100% is vegan. You just lose weight healthy.

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